Russia domain promotion!

Dominiando matches the launch of the new domains by launching an irresistible offer to register all the Russian domains at once!

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Russia domain promotion!

Russian domains are continuously growing and have recently passed the figure of 3,500,000 registered domains.

This figure is destined to grow considerably, also because the .rf domains in Cyrillic characters (900,000 registered domains), around for a few years now, have been joined by the domains that were released a few days ago and are  destined for anyone who has business relations with Russia, joining the already known second level .ru and domains.

To promote the expansion of your business in Russia, Dominiando presents you two registration offers that you cannot miss, and they expire on December 31, 2011:

  1. If you register a new .ru domain, Dominiando gives you a domain name for a year and a transliterated .RF (.??) domain in Cyrillic characters to address the Russian population in their own alphabet.
  2. However, if you register a .RF (.??) domain, Dominiando gives you the complete package of Russian domains for a year, and then adds the .RU, .COM.RU and to the .RU.CO

Hurry up and register your .ru or domain right away and get ready to conquer Russia with Dominiando!

Update: the promotion has been extended until September 1, 2012

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