Here are the newly arrived .news and .one domains!

Are you looking for a distinctive unique domain that is not run-of-the-mill, able to characterize and distinguish your site on the web? Well here are two new original and appealing extensions that have recently appeared on the net: the .news and .one domains. Let's find out more about them!

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Here are the newly arrived .news and .one domains!

To characterize your site online, make the Internet address easier to remember and the domain name more appealing, choose one from among the new generic domains that, day after day, are flooding the web: there are some very interesting and original ones!

Like, for example, the newly arrived .news domains, perfect for online editorials since they are so clearly identifiable with the publishing industry.
Magazines, newspapers, televisions and radio stations will also be able to benefit from a tld that perfectly suits their activity. 
Choosing to register your name under the .news extension to represent and distinguish your information site on the web is definitely the best choice.
Companies, associations and organizations will also be able to register a .news domain to publish news and information related to events and activities, whether ongoing or about to happen, involving new products and upcoming launches and presentations.

Another clear and simple new domain, but extremely original and captivating, is .one. It is a short, easy to remember and universally recognizable extension that helps expand the choice of available extensions and increase the competitiveness of new Internet domains on the net.

Registering your own name under the .one extension is the best choice, the number one choice, and will help any website to obtain a premium rating, as well as promote its reputation online. 

Within the next few days, .one domains will become registrable by anyone without any restrictions, while .news domains have recently entered the Sunrise phase, time period that proceeds the free registration of the domain and is reserved exclusively for owners of trademarks that are registered and validated at the Trademark ClearingHouse.
To learn more, we recommend you read our details about the Sunrise period of new domains.

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