.wow domain registration

.wow domain information

.wow domain registration

The new .wow domain has been proposed with the intention of creating an online platform without a theme or category, in order to widen Internet users' choices and to increase the competitiveness of new domains.

The new .wow extension can be used by entities, individuals, and groups all over the world, to express and share their feelings.

It is suggested to use the .wow gTLD in conjunction with interesting content, colloquial phrases, feelings, events, concepts and ideas (e.g. ThatIsLike.wow).

Type New generic top level domain (NgTLD)
Category Novelty

Requirements for the .wow extension

There is no information about .wow domain registration yet.

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.wow domain calendar

The domain request is still under evaluation so the launch calendar for this new extension is not available yet.
As soon as details are announced, we will update this page with all the available information.
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List of domain applications .wow

Only one request will be approved
Applicant Status
Amazon EU S.à r.l.
United TLD Holdco Ltd.
Charleston Road Registry Inc.

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