.party domain registration

The.party extension has been proposed to share online information about parties.

The new .party generic domain will be dedicated to all those domain names that want to provide help organising celebrations, events, parties, birthdays, or even to find reliable information about the best parties, nightclubs or concerts.

.party domain registration



New generic top level domain (NgTLD)

Geographical Area


Nation / Category

Arts-Entertainment, Novelty, Lifestyle, Leisure

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Requirements for the .party extension

.party domain calendar

.party domain phases

All dates may be subject to variation and do not depend on our will, but on other factors such as changes to the rules dictated by individual registers or ICANN.
Phases Date
Trademark Sunrise domains party 08/12/14 > 06/02/15
Go Live domains party 17/02/15 > 17/02/15

.party Sunrise Rules

The Sunrise of .party domain is a limited period of time during which holders of trademarks may preregister names that are the same or similar to their trademark in a privileged way and at an additional cost before it is sold to the public.

To participate in the Sunrise phase of the .partydomain, the trademark must be validated by a third party designated by ICANN: the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
Dominiando is an official TMCH agent and can, therefore, carry out brand validation procedures of the trademark on your behalf.

This validation is mandatory to participate in the Sunrise of all new domains and the same validation can be reused for registration during the Sunrise periods of all extensions that allow it.

More than one request for the same .party domain name will be settled by an auction between the contenders, trademark holders.

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