.mov domain registration

.mov domain information

.mov domain registration

The.mov extension has been presented with the intent of disseminating information about multimedia and video files online.

The .mov domain can also provide content related to current, scheduled, and past movies, as well as ones in the making.

Type New generic top level domain (NgTLD)
Category Arts-Entertainment, Interests, Technology, Leisure

Requirements for the .mov extension

There is no information about .mov domain registration yet.

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.mov domain calendar

The domain request is still under evaluation so the launch calendar for this new extension is not available yet.
As soon as details are announced, we will update this page with all the available information.
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The application for the .mov domain was filed by Charleston Road Registry Inc. on 12/04/2012 and the procedure will be carried out by ICANN by priority order 440 of 1930 applications.

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